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Can CBD Get You High?

This question is prevalent in the society these days and the answer is highly awaited: Does CBD get you high? This is an important question to consider because CBD can be utilized to avail number of benefits that you cannot find anywhere else.

These benefits can be accessed by consumption of the whole plant. This means that you had to experience the psychological effects of being ‘high’ to get numerous medical benefits. This could put serious limitations on you if all you wanted was effects of pain or anxiety relief.

With advancements in research and our understanding of how cannabis and its components impacts specific components of our body. This is has resulted into production of new forms of marijuana that target specific effects. Now we have products that isolate CBD to reduce the ‘high effect’ while still providing the medical benefits.

But the question still remains unanswered. Does CBD get you high? The short answer is ‘NO’. It will not get you high because it is being produced particularly to reduce the THC count which is the stuff that gets you high. It maximizes the CBD count which is instrumental in preventing you from getting high.

What is CBD?

CBD, more specifically cannabidiol, is one of the components found in cannabis plant. THC is one of the components as well along with other different 85 components. CBD works to reduce anxiety, nausea and vomiting and is good at combating cancerous or tumorous cells. Research has been increasingly going on in this area in the past several years.

However, some of the positive research is overshadowed by information we hear about THC. Since THC products are illegal in many countries, people confuse CBD and THC.

CBD is extracted from Hemp plants which are particularly made in order to contain high concentration of CBD and low concentrations of THC. THC is found in negligible levels.

CBD is extracted through Co2, ethanol or oil methods. All these methods extract CBD from the hemp plant in a pure form with negligible trace of THC. Since THC is the compound with psychotropic effects and CBD oil has no or very little of it, it can be said that it doesn’t make you high.

Promising research for CBD

Uses and benefits of CBD has largely gained recognition in the past few years. So has the research obtained popularity. Researches have gone as far as to stay that it has anti-psychotic properties. This is in conflict with the effects of THC. CBD is considered to be safe compound and is suggested as a therapy for schizophrenia due to the effects it impose.


Research is only bringing out more and more information in support of CBD. It can clearly be concluded that CBD oil doesn’t make you high in fact it has effects opposite to it. People often have a misconception regarding CBD and THC. Once it gets clarified, you will discover how beneficial this compound can be in regards to medical issues and problems.

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