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Cannabidiol & It’s Health Benefits To Manage Chronic Pain

Due to aging populations, chronic pain is a major issues in many countries around the world. In Europe, there are 1 in 4 older people experience one type of chronic pain, and studies in Australia show that over 80% of people in nursing homes suffer from chronic pain, then if we look at America an approximate amount of 19% of adults suffer from chronic pain… these people are now turning to cannabidiol to treat their condition.

Pain associated with cancer, pain associated with multiple sclerosis, and neuropathic pain are all extremely hard to treat with dangerous pharmaceuticals in the form of opiates, anticonvulsants, and antidepressants… they are simply inadequate to treat these ailments and as such physicians are searching for alternatives and have found it in the form of high dose CBD products, whether this be supplements, tinctures, vape oils, or crystals.

Chronic pain is something that persists for many months and even years, so it is no wonder that people are turning to ‘alternative’ medicines to find a cure, after all if you were in pain day in and day out you too would want a solution! There are many reasons for people to suffer chronic pain, and the great news is that cannabidiol products are proving to be an effective treatment for such people.

Cannabidiol has many uses and most people find that the accompanied symptoms of fatigue, insomnia, decreased appetite, anxiety, and depression are all treated with this one compound found in a plethora of whole plant medicines. The one thing that many people have noticed is that the higher dose products that also contain other beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes work best to treat chronic pain that simply hasn’t responded to other medications.

This whole plant based medicine isn’t new technology as it has been around for centuries, having been used in the past to treat not only pain but also things such as inflammation, migraines, epilepsy, psychosis, and the list goes on and on and on… in fact there are well over 33 different ailments that CBD may help treat! Researchers believe that because the cannabinoids interact with both the brain and immune system receptors, that is the reason cannabidiol is so effective in treating so many conditions… especially chronic pain.

Unlike dangerous pharmaceutical drugs with a mile long list of unwanted side effects, CBD is natural and extremely safe… the worst side effect that has been noticed is a possible dry mouth when using higher doses, a small price to pay to live a pain-free life. Since most pain is caused by inflammation, it must be noted that cannabidiol is a very strong anti-inflammatory that works side by side with its painkilling effects to regulate your bodies functions to successfully manage your pain… it really is nature’s wonder child.

Even though there is much anecdotal, experiential, and researched evidence that CBD is a very effective pain killer… people are still asking for more research, and no matter how effective it is and how much evidence surrounds this compound, people will always be asking for more research as that is the way this strange old world works. If you are unsure of whether or not cannabidiol is right for you and your condition, you may always consult with your physician and discuss the possibilities with someone well versed with this subject… if your doctor is unaware then seek out a cannabis/hemp doctor that specialists in this topic.

So if you are interested in a natural pain medication, a natural anti-inflammatory, a natural muscle relaxant, a natural sleep aid, a natural anti-anxiety medication, a natural antidepressant, a natural plant based medicine with a host of other health benefits… be sure to purchase the product that best suits your needs, including CBD capsules, cannabidiol crystals, CBD vape oils, and CBD tinctures… High Dose CBD only offers the best products to suit your chronic pain needs, their customer service is great so if you have any other questions be sure to contact us using the contact form found in the footer of their website. To your health!

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