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Do you have quality control lab reports regarding the composition of your CBD?

We have lab results for the strain used, but the % of THC contained in the lab results has been isolated & taken out completely for this formula. Below you will find a pic of the strains lab results (click image to enlarge – opens in new window).

High Dose CBD Lab Results

Just the lab results included for the strain itself we have used for the formula. We had the formula tested by a choice lab which we weren’t actually going to do as we already knew from using a plant based Alcohest for the concentrating solvent renders lab results inert. We used an Alcohest (in alchemy it is known as the Universal Solvent) as due to the national & in some cases international ban depending on the country of CBD we knew to be able to safely provide clients with CBD we had to mask it being able to show up on even the most stringent testing. Using the Alcohest we created an organic acetate-like formula without the usage of creating one with the detrimental acetyl acetate chemists normally use. This allows us to ship that nationally and internationally without issues. The way it works is once the CBD is even slightly metabolized it becomes fully active.

What Is The Percentage Of CBD and THC In The Product?

The capsules contain 64.69% crystallized CBD plant matter and 0% THC.

Is this legal? Will I pass a polygraph?

CBD is a Cannabis/Hemp product, but it is not psychoactive so it would not be considered a drug… it is actually an anti-psychotic medication (among other things). So if the question you are asked is whether you take drugs, the answer would be no. But if you have taken OTC’s or prescription pharmaceuticals, then the answer would be yes within that realm as those are classified as drugs.

Is Your Product Made From Industrial Hemp?

No it is made from a little known strain proprietary to the grower at the moment due to a limited production amount, until of course after 2nd harvest. Then it goes fully public.

Where Is It Sourced?

From a licensed medical grow op in the american state of Oregon.

How Can You Get So Many Milligrams Of CBD In One Capsule?

The capsule size for the 1,000mg is 000. These size caps can easily fit 1,200mg. If we further micronized the formula we could fit 1,500mg into this size of capsule.

How Much THC Is In Your Product?

0% according to HPLC-DAD testing.

Is It Legal In All 50 States?

Only six states CBD is illegal. Which is Idaho, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Indiana & West Virginia. These states still consider every part of the Cannabis/Hemp plant, including CBD, to be illegal.

Are Capsules Tested For Potency?

What would be the point of testing each capsule? Being in this industry there is no company that tests each capsule. But they do test each batch that goes into the capsules.

How Long Does It Take To Ship?

For domestic orders to USA & it’s territories orders would reach clients in 5-7 business days. Before shipping there is a 2 day handling time. We do not ship on Saturday or Sunday. International we cannot give exact times on an order as it would have to pass through customs in 2 countries, which would be sending & receiving. Sometimes it passes right through & sometimes it’s held, but never taken & eventually passes through. Custom times we cannot determine.

What Is The Purpose Of The Salt Crystals In The Capsules? Why Is The Product So Dark?

It is absolute CBD that was spagyric extracted. Using a plant based Alkahest (Solvent) renders the plant matter into a hard crystal like substance which is then ground into a powder. The organic solvent brings the beneficial Terpenes into a concentrated form. Depending on what extract is used changes the colour from the natural green, for Spagyric’s it’s black.

Can High Dose CBD Be Vaporised?

Our product is unique unlike other capsules found on the market, our form of concentrate extraction allows for the high dose of CBD per capsule… meaning a better overall experience for you and your health. Please do not vaporise this product, it is not intended to be vaporised but used orally as it becomes fully active once metabolised. This is why it is so effective. If you prefer vaping then you may like to try our 99.9993% CBD crystals, these products are available at 2,000mg & 5,000mg and can be custom formulated up to 24,000mg if it is in tincture form. The crystal, liquid & oil is instant pain relief within seconds.

How Long Does It Take For The Capsules To Break Down And Absorb?

Everyone is different but on average it takes thirty minutes to an hour for the capsule to breakdown and be fully metabolised.

Do You Produce Any Other Cannabinoid In This Format?

We currently don’t do any other cannabinoid in this form, although it is a full spectrum formula so there are other cannabinoids other than CBD present as outlined in the lab tests.

What Is The Percentage Of CBD In Each Capsule?

High Dose CBD is a spagyric concentrate, therefore the amount of CBD in each capsule is respective to the potency that you order. A 500mg capsule contains that amount of CBD as does a 1,000mg capsule, just depends on what dosage you need for what ailment.

What Use Does The Salt-Like Crystals In The High Dose CBD Capsules Have?

When the CBD is dried from a liquid base the crystals grow out of the powered CBD. It is due to the fact that Monoatomics are used to grow the strain. The Monoatomics used are Dead Sea salt based. For the plant nutrient a proprietary formula is also used that contains Dead Sea salt in the formulation. The crystals produce an energetic as well as calming effect.

When the plant matter is ground up, it sits in Reverse Magnetic Vortex Trap Water from our healing spring waters. RMVTW is an extract of water that contains all of the waters minerals in a condensed form. This ramps up the healing properties even further of the CBD. Besides high mineralized rain forest water as we are growing in one, the plants are also watered with the extract of water. This produces a far superior product bar none!