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Wholesale CBD

We have recently launched and are proud to offer our High Dose CBD Wholesale Offer! Providing the most potent Cannabidiol supplement on the market… at either 500mg or 1,000mg per capsule… we may offer you special wholesale pricing if you would like to make a larger order to sell in your local offline or global online store.

Wholesale CBD Tiers

Our current High Dose CBD offer to retail buyers for a month’s supply of the 500mg per capsule offer is $217 USD… and for the 1,000mg per capsule offer for a month’s supply is $284 USD. Just remember that the dosage is per capsule, so over the 31 day supply of Cannabidiol is astronomical compared to what other manufacturers are offering!!! 15,500mg and 31,000mg respectively 🙂

We also sell our high potency “entourage”, full spectrum, spagyric extraction CBD crystals, CBD vape oils, and CBD tinctures at either 2,000mg or 5,000mg. The recommended retail price for those respectively is either $241 and $355… we may also offer you wholesale pricing on those, bought alone or as a bundle.

As a wholesale CBD buyer we offer tiered pricing where if you spend the following, you get the appropriate outlined discount:

USD $1,500 ~ $1,999 @ 11% Off
USD $2,000 ~ $4,999 @ 22% Off
USD $5,000 ~ $9,999 @ 33% Off
USD $10,000 ~ ($???) @ 44% Off

So there you have it… if you would like to purchase some wholesale CBD to on-sell to your prospective clients to help them heal certain ailments and become better versions of themselves, then by all means fill out our contact form and we will be in touch. Our product is 100% Vegan, Kosher & Organic (NON-GMO)…

Thanks and have a great day!